Digital Signage Content and Media Expert

Course Description

No matter what segment of the digital signage industry that a person participates in, one fact that we can all agree upon is that content is critical. It is the method to deliver on the messages set forth in the objectives that should be the central focus points of each display that is deployed.

The Digital Content and Media Expert (DCME) program defines content and explains how content can be an effective communication tool.

It explores the history of communication and content and takes a closer look at what content can and cannot do.

The DCME looks at the impact and relevance of content, emphasizing the need to begin by clearly articulating the objectives. Then, it shows how to combine objectives and content to engage the viewer. It points out the necessity to create a strategy before moving forward and explores both applications and venues.

The course discusses the physical properties of content and introduces rules for good content design. It then reviews examples of the costs of content production, and various options for outsourcing.

Wrapping up, the DCME discusses the business side of content, and how analytics play into it as it relates to return on investment.

Course Outline

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